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Come Ready!

The Crons DNA consists of a goal setting and achievement mentality. A Come Ready or Never StartTM spirit that is goal-focused.

Five simple words...and nothing special about a single one.

Come. Ready. Or. Never. Start.

But put them together and they define the attitude of a
winner and an achiever, and starts to tell the story...your story.

Have you set goals to achieve?

Have you taken steps to achieve those goals?

Are you challenging yourself each and every day to
get better?

Crons was developed by overachieving
athletes who recognize:

It's about being your best.
It's about making your best...better.
It's about challenging yourself to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.
Then going about to set new goals, better goals.

Quit is not in the DNA of Crons Achievers. They never quit. They stay focused.
They work harder. They find a way.

The Crons mentality embraces:

  • Outworking the Competition
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Ignoring the Noise and not listening to the doubters; or using that noise to motivate you
  • Intensely focusing on practice and preparation so you're READY for your OPPORTUNITY
  • Making sacrifices not excuses

It is a DNA that sets you apart from ordinary individuals. It is a DNA made up of
attitudes and mentalities that focus on goal achievement as a way to truly reach your
full potential--whether in athletics or other important facets of your life.